August 1, 2007

Check out the new 2007 highlights video!!!


dogscratcher said...

Great video: I've been trying to get my wife to raft the whitewater just below Kootenai Falls, but she is just too chicken. I'm not talking about running the Falls proper, just the stuff below it.

Your video is giving me the urge again, no doubt it will spawn several fights with her. DS

dogscratcher said...

By the way, Doug Ammons has a story about doing Yaak Falls at high water in the July/August issue of the AW Journal.

Naresuan said...

yeah bro,


Terry said...

Nice job Sparky!I love the site.
Best of luck my friend.

Anonymous said...

Awesome footage! Wow way to get after it fellaz. Looks like some incredible paddling! I've heard of this Sparky guy around Montana... sounds like an epic character! Sweet site sparky. Who's the guy in the blue hood peeking at Yaak Falls? I want to see more footage of him!

Anonymous said...

hey guys
great blog and kick ass footage
i've been checking out whitewater in Montana and thinking of moving to Missoula for school (coming from Asheville, NC).
any good ways for someone new to the area to hook up with other paddlers?
and is there paddling in the off season?

Anonymous said...

Hey Christy,
Thanks for your comment! There's boating in Zootown all year long (Brennan's Wave, Alberton Gorge, and the Beartrap Canyon of the Madison stay in all year), but most people opt to pull the skis out come November or so and forget aboat boating until March (winter paddling here is hellishly cold). My best recommendation for meeting boating partners is to hang out at Brennan's for awhile or post a comment on the University Center outdoor board. I started school in Asheville and know several boaters around Missoula from western NC...if you come up you might even recognize some faces! Best of luck, and hopefully we'll see you around Montana sometime soon! Thanks again for your comment.
Brian (aka Sparky)

Anonymous said...

Yo Brian, nice site and footage. The snow is here and is'a makin' for another great paddle season. Pura Vida in Montucky!

Seth J.

chris g said...

I'm on the other side of the Montana border up in waterton. I just thought I would throw up a few links to some other lesser known Montana runs.

Two Medicine falls in East Glacier Montana

Boundary Creek in Glacier / Waterton Park

Reynolds & Siyeh Creek (almost kayaking) in Glacier

Bear Creek (by the Middle Fork of the Flathead)

If I ever get time, I should also throw up some picts of the North Fork of the Sun, which I doubt gets run much, and some other lesser known goodies near the border.

Erin said...

Rad video dudes! (And additional props for the use of "When the Levee Breaks")


Missoula Gazette said...

Great Video. Snow is going away and the paddling has started. Here comes the water.