July 12, 2011

Golden Canyon and Coyote Falls, July 10th, 2011

Check out these videos of Pete Weber (cat boat) and Orion Helms (kayak) running Golden Canyon on the SF Clearwater and then Orion firing up Coyote Falls. Upper Coyote and the video with both boaters is at 2070cfs; lower Coyote is at 1850 cfs.

August 4, 2010

U.S. Freestyle Kayak Championships, Brennan's Wave, Missoula, Montana - K1 and C1 Finals

Here are some of the finalists throwing down for the top scores. Pretty humbling playboating action. Enjoy!

US Freestyle Kayak Championships, Brennan's Wave, Missoula, Montana - K1 Preliminaries Video

Here is some footage of Missoula locals competing with the pros in the K1 prelims. Strong representation from the local boating crowd. Enjoy!

June 16, 2010

North Fork Payette at 8000cfs - photo gallery

Click this link to access some great pictures of seasoned professionals paddling possibly the most insane whitewater flowing in the country right now: http://alloutdoor.smugmug.com/Sports/whitewater-kayak/12576499_ZyrmN#903074306_rD8hW

And this link leads to a sneak-peak of the WildWater video of the same group. Crazy stuff: http://www.vimeo.com/12563837

June 29, 2009

2009 West Rosebud Creek Flow Program Announced

Exciting news for western Montana paddlers. Click the link above and read American Whitewater's summary of the new West Rosebud Creek flow program for 2009. It's pretty complicated, so give it a close read and help spread the word!

Thanks to Andy for the heads up and to Kevin at AW for the summary.

June 3, 2009

High Water Lochsa, 2009 - 9 ft. (IV)

We caught the Lochsa at 9 ft. on May 31, 2009. The Lochsa at high water is an incredibly fun time, albeit a bit rowdy and a little out of control. The surfing is awesome at high water with big, catch on the fly waves that just keep coming. For logistical information, see the original Lochsa post at the bottom of the page.

Pete going for the glory line on Lochsa Falls

About a half-second later - freestyle cat boating! Jim on the same drop

Grim Reaper

May 20, 2009

Main Flathead River, Montana, I-II (Buffalo Bridge to Sloan Bridge)

I am going to make an increased effort to start posting on stretches that have mellower water and are more "family friendly" in addition to the more difficult runs. The Main Flathead from Buffalo Bridge to Sloan Bridge is my favorite overnight canoe stretch in the state of Montana. Click the river name above for a detailed description of the run.

September 6, 2008

Lower Mesa Falls; Henry's Fork Snake River; Idaho (V)

The view from the overlook

Snake River, Idaho (Murtaugh Canyon) (IV+)

Upper Cauldron Linn

Cauldron Linn's nasty lower hole

Misty Falls - the first significant drop on the run (if you don't run Cauldron Linn)

Looking up at the Hansen bridge

Pair-o-Dice from the Hansen bridge - stay left

The river-right side hole at Pair-o-Dice -this thing would keep a swimmer

The fun river-left side of Pair-o-Dice

Approaching Let's Make a Deal

The river-right side doors of Let's Make a Deal

Close up of doors 3, 4, and 4.5

The nasty hole at the bottom of door 5

Redshanks and the impressive roostertail There are beautiful waterfalls down this whole stretch
Looking up at Duckblind, the last big drop

July 1, 2008

Springdale Wave; Yellowstone River; Montana (III?)

Thanks to Ryan for the video and Conor for the still shots. The light was a little tough for video that afternoon, so some of the slides are a little blurry, but all in all, some great footage of one of the best waves in Montana with a bonus of clip of Big Timber Creek.

June 30, 2008

South Fork Clearwater; Idaho (Golden Canyon) (V)

Thanks to Pete for some of these photos

Typical Golden Canyon scenery

Coyote Falls

Upper Chuck Rollins, looking upstream
and looking downstream
Lower Chuck Rollins
Lower Rollins' nasty hole

Upper Fish Jump

Lower Fish Jump - the big hole

June 24, 2008

Big Timber Creek; Montana (V - V+)

The following pictures are in order as you walk up the canyon. They are in reverse order of the actual run.

Big Timber Falls - this is the lower drop - there is a 60 ft. lead-in falls
that is unrunnable at all but lowest flows. The entrance move for the
lower falls is a 15 ft. waterfall that lands in a left banking slide against the wall (just to the river right of the island in the picture). This slide then launches you off the 30-35 ft. main drop.

Drop under the first walking bridge
Very nice, forgiving falls - two drops below The Pinch
Drop immediately following The Pinch

Crappy picture of The Pinch - this thing is nuts; i can't imagine running it at the flows we had
(estimate 400 cfs or so) Slide drop leading into portage - I think the next drop is called No Way Out (aka portage)
Fine Line

Drop above the second walking bridge O's Woes
No Worries Falls - the put in drop