September 6, 2008

Lower Mesa Falls; Henry's Fork Snake River; Idaho (V)

The view from the overlook

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Sparky said...

Lower Mesa Falls is an incredible waterfall just west of Yellowstone National Park. Since it is park and huck, the logistics are simple and the drop is stunning. Although the hike down and especially back up is a drag, this is a gem of the highest caliber - if you enjoy big vertical drops, you should definitely make this journey and get 'er done.

Lower Mesa Falls logistics: Class V. Total drop is about 48 feet on the river left side (17 foot upper drop and 31 foot lower drop) or about 60 feet on the river right side. To get to this gem, take Highway 20 west out of West Yellowstone and, just south of Island Park, look for the Mesa Falls scenic byway (Road 47) and take this to the Lower Mesa Falls overlook. Take a peek and then drive to the Upper Falls turnoff, look for a dirt road to the left just before the parking lot and follow this road to a flat plateau above the Lower Falls. Hike down to the Falls from here.