June 30, 2008

South Fork Clearwater; Idaho (Golden Canyon) (V)

Thanks to Pete for some of these photos

Typical Golden Canyon scenery

Coyote Falls

Upper Chuck Rollins, looking upstream
and looking downstream
Lower Chuck Rollins
Lower Rollins' nasty hole

Upper Fish Jump

Lower Fish Jump - the big hole

June 24, 2008

Big Timber Creek; Montana (V - V+)

The following pictures are in order as you walk up the canyon. They are in reverse order of the actual run.

Big Timber Falls - this is the lower drop - there is a 60 ft. lead-in falls
that is unrunnable at all but lowest flows. The entrance move for the
lower falls is a 15 ft. waterfall that lands in a left banking slide against the wall (just to the river right of the island in the picture). This slide then launches you off the 30-35 ft. main drop.

Drop under the first walking bridge
Very nice, forgiving falls - two drops below The Pinch
Drop immediately following The Pinch

Crappy picture of The Pinch - this thing is nuts; i can't imagine running it at the flows we had
(estimate 400 cfs or so) Slide drop leading into portage - I think the next drop is called No Way Out (aka portage)
Fine Line

Drop above the second walking bridge O's Woes
No Worries Falls - the put in drop

June 16, 2008

Selway River; Idaho (IV)

Double Drop Wa -Poots Ladle

Wolf Creek

Nasty hole in Wolf Creek

Sweet surf waves above Jim Creek Rapid

The hole of death at the bottom of Selway Falls

Selway Falls