March 21, 2007

South Fork Clearwater (Mickey Mouse); Idaho (IV - IV+)

Uh oh...

Alberton Gorge; Clark Fork; Montana (III - IV)

Long live Blackey!

Surfing Fang in 2007

Kootenai River; Montana (IV+)

Big water; looking downstream at Superwave from the Falls Dreamy!

Dropping the Falls, taken from the lip

Yaak River; Montana (IV - V-)

Lower Yaak Falls, high water, (insane)

Upper Yaak Falls, high water (directly above the lower falls, thus insane)


"We're on the wrong side of the river" (scouting Stonechest from the river right side our first time down...this is wrong; there is a huge scouting trail/flat area to scout/portage on river left)

Stonechest, as seen from the "scout from hell"

Lochsa River; Idaho (IV)


Lochsa Falls

Grim Reaper

Split Creek Rapid; "Car Crash" hole

Somewhere on the upper

Eagle Mountain, high water

Oh no...Lochsa Falls, 10 ft.