March 21, 2007

Kootenai River; Montana (IV+)

Big water; looking downstream at Superwave from the Falls Dreamy!

Dropping the Falls, taken from the lip


Schmergen said...

Get ready for white-knuckle, big-water action! This run is awesome; start out by dropping the 15 foot, auto-boof Kootenai Falls, then get ready for a mile of huge waves, eddies and holes. Just below the Falls, be sure to check out Superwave (pictured above at 24,000 cfs); this is probably the rowdiest wave in Montana. If you like big air, this wave's for you; but beware the consequences of a mishap lurking just downstream...

Be careful on this one; this run is definitely not for the faint-of-heart. My buddy and I ran this in 2006 at 24,000 cfs and I don't recommend friend almost drowned and i was absolutely terrified from the start. A swim at any level would be ugly on this river, but for those adrenaline junkies who like big, fast, crystal-blue water with enormous features, this is arguably the best run in the state. Around 13,000 cfs is my favorite level. Be sure to check out the Yaak while in the area; about thirty minutes to the west.

Sparky said...

Kootenai River Logistics: Class IV+ (big, pushy water). Located on U.S. Highway 2 just east of the town of Troy. There is a nice rest area and trail to the river at Kootenai Falls (clearly marked), or paddlers may want to find the road that drops in about a half-mile to the east of the rest area that follows the tracks. If you park here, it's a much shorter walk to the river and you can put-in and take about three paddle strokes before getting launched over the Falls...good way to lively up yourself!