September 6, 2008

Lower Mesa Falls; Henry's Fork Snake River; Idaho (V)

The view from the overlook

Snake River, Idaho (Murtaugh Canyon) (IV+)

Upper Cauldron Linn

Cauldron Linn's nasty lower hole

Misty Falls - the first significant drop on the run (if you don't run Cauldron Linn)

Looking up at the Hansen bridge

Pair-o-Dice from the Hansen bridge - stay left

The river-right side hole at Pair-o-Dice -this thing would keep a swimmer

The fun river-left side of Pair-o-Dice

Approaching Let's Make a Deal

The river-right side doors of Let's Make a Deal

Close up of doors 3, 4, and 4.5

The nasty hole at the bottom of door 5

Redshanks and the impressive roostertail There are beautiful waterfalls down this whole stretch
Looking up at Duckblind, the last big drop