March 21, 2007

Alberton Gorge; Clark Fork; Montana (III - IV)

Long live Blackey!

Surfing Fang in 2007


Schmergen said...

This is Missoula's local play stretch. A great run with quality class III rapids and fun play features. This one's in all year and the play generally gets better as the flows drop. At high water it becomes a little more spicey with swirling eddy lines that have a tendency to spook beginner paddlers. There is one great hole that comes in around 10,000 cfs at Triple Bridges that more advanced paddlers enjoy.

The standard run is from Cyr Bridge to Tarkio, about ten miles in length. Kayakers and others who can easily carry their boats may want to consider putting in at Triple Bridges and taking out at Ralph's. This cuts the distance in half and still delivers you most of the quality whitewater. Located 45 miles west of Missoula just off Interstate 90.

Sparky said...

Alberton Gorge Logistics: Class III-IV (flow dependent). For the put-in, take the Cyr exit off Interstate 90 and park at the Cyr Bridge access. Kayakers can keep driving down the road that parallels the river to access playspots and put-in at Triple Bridges. Take out at either Tarkio access or the kayaker takeout at Ralph's; about four or five miles down from Triple Bridges on the left. You can usually catch a ride on this one if need be.
Here's my favorite flows for the various playspots: Lower Cliffside: 1700-2000 cfs
Comp Hole: 10,000-17,000 cfs
Split Rock: 1,500-2,000 cfs
Ice Box: 3000-4500 cfs (?)
Resurgilator: 2800-4000 cfs
Fang: 7500 cfs is prime, but something's always in