March 21, 2007

Yaak River; Montana (IV - V-)

Lower Yaak Falls, high water, (insane)

Upper Yaak Falls, high water (directly above the lower falls, thus insane)


"We're on the wrong side of the river" (scouting Stonechest from the river right side our first time down...this is wrong; there is a huge scouting trail/flat area to scout/portage on river left)

Stonechest, as seen from the "scout from hell"


Schmergen said...

The Yaak is one of the best runs in Montana. It's combination of wilderness feel, beautiful water, and challenging whitewater make this a true Montana classic. Located in the very northwestern corner of the state, you have to check this run out. Put in at Yaak Falls and take out at the Highway 2 bridge by the confluence with the Kootenai River. Also check out the big-water action on the Kootenai, just 30 minutes away.

Sparky said...

Yaak River Logistics: Class IV-V. To find the put-in, look for Yaak River road west of the town of Troy on U.S. Highway 2. Follow this road up to Yaak Falls campground and put-in at the base of the Falls (you can run the Falls at lower flows, but you better stick your line or you're slamming directly into a rock wall). There is a parking area at the Highway 2 bridge over the Yaak, right above the confluence with the Kootenai.

beoutside said...

it's coming in 4.5 feet was my favorite first timer level, stone chest wasn't so crazy. Does anyone know if the put in is still snowed in?

Marlene Affeld said...

The Yaak is one of my favorite north Idaho rivers, thanks for the great photos. I spent many summers there as a teenager - my dad was a logger and worked on the Yaak. Thanks for the great post.