June 30, 2008

South Fork Clearwater; Idaho (Golden Canyon) (V)

Thanks to Pete for some of these photos

Typical Golden Canyon scenery

Coyote Falls

Upper Chuck Rollins, looking upstream
and looking downstream
Lower Chuck Rollins
Lower Rollins' nasty hole

Upper Fish Jump

Lower Fish Jump - the big hole


Sparky said...

I know it's been a good paddling season, because every weekend I keep saying to my crew, "this is the best water i've ever paddled!" And the Golden Canyon is a top notch stretch of whitewater that deserves nothing short of thanks and praises.

This run is stellar. The gradient and volume make for a wild ride that you won't soon forget. Similar to the North Fork Payette, this run stomps down almost non-stop class IV whitewater with class V drops thrown in the mix from time to time. Even if you take a bit of a beating, it will make you grin from ear to ear - just ask probey one and the CFS. In all seriousness, bring your A-game for this one.

There is a bit of slack water separating two long, consistent series of boulder gardens and ledge drops, but expect constant action and the sun in your eyes if you run in the afternoon. And be sure to watch out for the hoards of fishermen gathered at the big drops. This is an absolute gem of a run - a must do if you're up for it and in the Clearwater area.

Golden Canyon logistics: Class V (IV+ at really low flows; below 1000 cfs). The put in is located farther up from the Mickey Mouse section at Coyote Falls (see the Mickey Mouse post for details). This run is roadside, so take out anywhere you want, although most seem to take out just after Fish Jump where the action backs off.

Con lo said...

Maybe if probey one had just probed that last drop instead of running it third he would have punched through the edge of that hole. Or maybe probey just loves disappearing from the team for a minute or so to take a long side surf at the bottom of the pile. He probably just loves perfecting the frantic crawl stroke just yards above a class five boulder garden... thats it... yeehaw!

Hell yeah its been a good paddling season Sparky! Can't wait to go back to Golden Canyon and the Mickey Mouse again.

Sparky said...

That's my boy! You're the man Con-lo!