May 21, 2007

Clearwater River; Montana (II)


Sparky said...

The Clearwater is a little mellow stretch of whitewater near the Blackfoot River on Montana Highway 83. The run flows out of Salmon Lake and empties out near Harpers Lake. Although the whitewater is not difficult, it can be a nice break on the drive to the Wild Mile from Missoula and is not often done.

Clearwater Logistics: Class II; Put in at Salmon Lake outflow; takeout at Harpers Lake parking area (MT Highway 83).

Sparky said...

This run is easily combined with other area runs - the Wild Mile on the Swan is about an hour away and the Blackfoot River is only a twenty minute drive. Enjoy the beautiful Swan Valley while you're up here and check out the numerous lakes in the area (Salmon Lake, the put-in for the Clearwater run, is pictured above). The Clearwater River has many runnable reaches, but the one listed here contains the only whitewater.