May 18, 2007

Kootenai Creek; Montana (V)

The Falls Skinny hips

Last drop

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Sparky said...

Kootenai Creek is an excellent steep creek within 45 minutes of Missoula. Short but power packed, Kootenai is one of the most easily accessible creek runs around the area. That said, be informed that the takeout to the run is on private land and the landowner has recently posted a sign that indicates no stream access.
The run is a fast combination of ledge drops, slides, and banking corners that require solid boat control and strong boof strokes. Check out the description of the run on the American Whitewater site or the Montana Surf guidebook for more detailed information. Stellar little run in the Missoula area.

Kootenai Creek logistics: Class V (don't kid yourself into thinking this is a IV, 'cause it's not...the trailside and short nature of this run make it easy to get in over one's head). Located about 35 miles south of Missoula off U.S. Highway 93. Look for the Kootenai Creek trailhead, park in the lot and hike up however far you wish to run. The steepest section is the last 1/2 mile or so back to the parking lot. Again, private property is an issue here, so use caution when you take out. Also, as of 5/16/07, there is a nasty strainer in the final canyon just before the takeout that looks impassable - it is now mandatory to catch the left eddy immediately below the final drop that turns to the right (pictured above). Anyone feel like getting frisky on rappel with a saw?!